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Diagnosing Your Hair Loss

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Class 1 / Class 2

  • The beginnings of the ‘M’ series.
  • Only the corners are classically affected with receding corner lines.
  • Most people are not alarmed by these changes, but it’s a classic “warning sign” for further possible receding.
  • Men at this stage should have a consultation and assessment done to seek preventive measures to inhibit rapid progression of hair loss.
  • Treatments that can be done include:
    • Medication
    • Hair transplants to quickly restore the hairline
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Class 3

  • Famous celebrities who have such hairlines include: Wayne Rooney (before his transplant), Jude Law (which possibly caused his career stagnation) and John Travolta.
  • Many men who suffer hair loss at this stage tend to do comb over hairstyles to cover the deficient areas.
  • Men with class 3 hair loss and onwards tend to be more self-conscious and careful with their grooming.
  • Best treatment for class 3 hair loss is a hair transplant followed by medication to support and maintain.

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Class 4

  • The tipping point of hairstyle decision, where men need to make an ultimatum to either shave totally or do something drastic to get back their hairs for a second chance for a head full of hair.
  • Famous celebrities with Class 4 hair loss include Jason Statham.
  • Hair loss occurs at a very wide distribution; up to half the scalp surface..
  • With proper diagnosis, there is a possibility for hair transplants to restore the hairline back to a Class 2 or Class 1, thereby restoring the youthful appearance and confidence.
  • Hair transplants are the best option to kick start the restoration process.
  • There is a possibility that more than 1 transplant process is needed to achieve the ideal hairline and density.

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Class 5 / 6

  • Usually the areas of hair loss are wider than the remaining hairs.
  • Men with these classes of hair loss have bigger challenges to restore the ideal hairline.
  • Hair transplants are the ideal treatment of choice, but a thorough consultation with the doctors to set the right expectations is firsts needed.
  • Famous celebrities with such hair loss are: Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel.

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Causes Of Hair Loss


Androgenetic Alopecia or male pattern baldness accounts for 95% of hair loss in men.


Stress may cause rapid shedding and slower growth of hair in conditions such as Telogen Effluvium. Stress induced obsessive compulsive behaviour of hair pulling may also cause hair loss (Trochotillomania).

Hormone Imbalances

Sex hormone imbalances (testosterone, estrogens, etc) and thyroid hormone imbalance.


Poor nutrition causes poor growth of hair, whilst excessive use of chemicals such as shampoo or hair dyes may expedite hair fall or damage the hair follicles.

Skin Disease & Trauma

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune skin problem that causes patchy hair loss. Trauma induced hair loss from accidents and burns may cause Scarring Alopecia, while long term high tension hair pulling by tying of hair can cause hair loss at the hair line (Traction Alopecia).


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