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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Norwood Scale: Class 2

“From countable hairs to uncountable confidence”

Norwood Scale: Class 2

“Getting my hairline totally restored by DHI is not just about looking good, it is alot about feeling good! I have more confidence now, and have lost the anxiety of meeting people especially in my line of sales work”

Norwood Scale: Class 4

“I came to Malaysia to work and couldn’t go back because no lady wanted to marry a balding guy. Thanks to DHI and my new hairline, I am not just going back to get married, but I get to choose who I want to marry now.”

Norwood Scale: Class 6

“DHI fixed the failures of the transplants that was done elsewhere. I hope no confidence after my first procedure done elsewhere and wore a cap everywhere. Thanks to DHI I have retired all my caps since October 2015!”

Norwood Scale: Class 2

“DHI system for hair restoration has been about precise medical science and art. No guess work, and no 50-50 chances. I highly recommend it to people who are serious about getting their hair restored”

Norwood Scale: Class 3

“Getting a DHI hair restoration done was the best decision of my life. People say I look younger. In fact I feel i now look CORRECT for my age, where else I looked older with a receded hairline. Thank you DHI”

Results Guaranteed, If Not, Your Money Back

At DHI, we let our results speak for itself, to the point where we dare to place a minimal result guarantee on all our clients. We don’t only bring life back to hair, but to all our clients.


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