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Eyebrow Transplant in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

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Revival Of Your Expression

With thousands of treatment done yearly throughout the DHI global network, one of the crucial areas that has received attention is eyebrow restoration. While our eyebrows has protective functions for the eyes, they play a major role in the expression and image of a person. The eyebrows form a crucial component of non-verbal communication and just through its combined movements and positions are able to express emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, pain and many more.

The loss or thinning out of eyebrows not only reduce the effectiveness of expression, but also causes loss of a key component in the framing of our face that represents our image. Loss of eyebrows can occur in many conditions such as birth defect, physical trauma, local or systemic diseases, self-inflicted obsessive plucking, side effect from medical or surgical treatments, and poorly plucked eyebrows.

To address such issues, the DHI Medical Group has developed two different solutions for eyebrow restoration to cater to the different needs through (1) DHI Direct Hair Implantation, and (2) DHI Micropigmentation.

Eyebrow Restoration with Direct Hair Implantation

The DHI technique of hair restoration has made it possible to transplant hair to any part of the body and face, including eyebrows.

1. Design

The doctor and you will design the eyebrows based on your need while maintaining the correct symmetry, and natural pattern of the intended shape.

2. Calculation

Based on the design, the quantity of hair follicles are calculated. This is to ensure both the density and feel of the final result are as natural as possible

3. Extraction

The required number of hairs are extracted from the donor area using local anaesthesia so there is no pain felt during the procedure.

4. Implantation

Using the patented DHI Implanters, the extracted hairs are implanted into the eyebrow areas, whilst mainting full control of the depth, direction and angle of the hair to ensure natural density and growth pattern.

5. Growth

The implanted hairs grow for a person’s lifetime


We transplant your hair follicles, resulting in regrowth of your own hair. This provides natural results that look and feel great.


The DHI technique requires only a short downtime after surgery. This means virtually no pain, no stitches and no scars.


Medically approved and clinically tested. DHI is safe and uses advanced instruments that extract and implant the hair respecting each follicle.


The DHI technique ensures over 90% survival rate for hair follicles, leaving you with maximised results, that will last a lifetime.


DHI offers a holistic approach to the medical, psychological, mathematical and artistic factors to select the appropriate hair loss treatment.


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