Our eyebrows don’t just protect our eyes, they play a major role in the expression and image of a person.

With thousands of treatments done yearly throughout the DHI global network, one of the crucial areas that has received attention is eyebrow restoration. Our eyebrows are a key feature of our face, playing an important part in expressing our expressions. Now, with the advanced DHI technique of hair restoration, you can cover up a scar or grow fuller-looking brows.

Thanks to the patented DHI Implanter, we are able to place each follicle on your eyebrows with controlled angle and depth, leaving no scars or stitches. The implanted hairs will then continue to grow with you throughout your lifetime, elevating your style and identity.


An eyebrow transplant is a surgical technique that moves hair follicles from the back of the scalp (donor area) to your eyebrows (recipient area).

The first step of an eyebrow transplant is to design the eyebrows together with you, taking into account every detail and characteristics of the face. Implanted hair follicles develop and behave as well as the rest of the eyebrows, giving you 100% natural results.


Hair follicles are transplanted with precision and care, ensuring natural results that look and feel great.


The DHI Eyebrow Transplant ensures a min. of 97% hair follicle survival rate, leaving you with maximised results that will last a lifetime.


The minimally invasive DHI Eyebrow Transplant requires only a short downtime after surgery – no pain, no stitches, no scars.


Medically approved and clinically tested, the DHI Eyebrow Transplant is safe and uses advanced, patented tools.

Surgeons Trained and Certified

By the DHI International Hair Restoration Academy, the one and only organised hair restoration academy in the world, which is regulated by strict DHI standards and protocols to ensure our patients receive the best results every time.

4 Steps of a DHI Eyebrow Transplant



A careful and detailed examination of the scalp is done to determine the number of hairs available to donate. Our DHI Hair Specialists will then propose a full eyebrow design in line with your expectations.



Hair follicles are manually extracted one by one from the donor area using sharp, titanium-coated punches with diameter of 0.75 – 1.1 mm, leaving no scars.



Hair follicles are implanted directly using the patented DHI Implanter in a one-step process which ensures the right angle, direction and depth at the same time, ensuring 100% natural results.


Lifelong Results

All steps in the DHI Eyebrow Transplant are designed to guarantee you a min. of 97% hair follicle survival rate, leaving you with maximised results that will last a lifetime.


Certified medical specialists perform the entire procedure
Medical assistants are not permitted to perform the procedure
Extraction process Manual extraction of follicles by specialists using titanium-coated punches Use of motorized extractors which generate heat and damage follicles.
Implantation process No slits or holes are made prior to implantation. Each follicle is inserted directly with the DHI patented implanter in a one-step motion. Slits or holes are created in the recipient aera prior to implantation. Hair follicles are then placed in the slits using forceps in a two-step procedure.
No scalp incisions prior to implantation
NO Scalpels, NO stitches, NO scars
Precise control of angle, direction and depth of implantation
No direct handling of hair follicles
Graft survival rate 97% and more 50% – 70%
Maximum possible density
Natural looking results

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We are an international medical group that specialises in hair loss with over 50 years of experience and scientific research.

  • Our hair transplant procedures are 100% done only by medical doctors.
  • Our methodology is ISO-certified.
  • Only clinic in the world to provide a 97% result guarantee for all our clients.

If you are born with thin, sparse eyebrows and are looking for a permanent solution for full-looking brows, this is for you.

You may also find this procedure appealing if you’ve experienced loss of eyebrows due to genetics, age, surgeries, burns or injuries.

An eyebrow transplant can help to fill in gaps in your eyebrows or to change the shape of your brows. It can be carried out both on areas without any hair and on areas where hair growth is thin and more fullness is desired.

Whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for an eyebrow transplant depends on a few factors which can only be assessed by our DHI Hair Specialist during the consultation.

Factors that we need to consider include original eyebrows, age, availability of donor hair, eyebrow design, existing medical conditions and results of any prior or ongoing medical interventions.

In cases where you are a good fit for eyebrow transplant, the next step would be to take a blood test to rule out any other form of deficiency that may be contraindicated for the procedure.

Implanted hairs will go through a shedding phase from the 1st month up to the 4th month post-procedure. New hairs will then grow from the 4th month onwards, with 80% of the result being observed during the 9th month mark. Maximum density will be reached after 12 months.

Remember, patience is key here.

The number of follicles needed vary from patient to patient, depending on your existing eyebrows, desired design, and intended density.

You may need anything between 500 – 1,000 hairs in total and our DHI Hair Specialist will only be able to determine this after discussing with you so that we can provide you with a personalised treatment plan that matches your expectations.

The cost of a DHI Eyebrow Transplant is depending on the total number of hairs you require for your desired result. On average, the price per hair is RM10 but we do have special promotions in the clinic.

Our DHI Hair Specialist will need to work with you to design your eyebrows first before we can propose a personalised treatment plan for you.

We offer easy payment plans as well.

In general, the number of hairs needed for an eyebrow transplant is minimal. Hence, our DHI Hair Specialist can perform a “zone shave” for you so that the small shaven donor area can be hidden and will be unnoticeable.

Before the procedure takes place, patients will receive a local anaesthetic, and you may feel a slight pricking sensation (like the tip of a pen on the scalp). Soon afterwards the anaesthetic numbs the skin, relieving any sensation throughout the procedure.

In terms of recovery, patients may experience mild discomfort, itching or redness for a few days afterwards. However, these are generally mild enough that patients are able to return to work within a day or two, at most.

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