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by | May 31, 2017 | Hair Tips

Top 3 Mistakes Men With Hair Loss Make

Hair loss amongst men is not just a physical tragedy, but it is also a huge psychological set back.

Regarded as the crowning glory, many people will attribute hair loss against the need for vanity. However in reality it is much more than that.

Hair styling is the expression of one’s individuality and style. The ability to style one’s hair represents a total voluntary control of the said person. So when the tragedy of hair loss sets in, it is more than just a person losing their locks. It represents a condition whereby they have lost their free will control of themselves. That can be MORE debilitating than the actual loss of hair itself.

Here are some of the most common MYTHS that people with hair loss fall into deep belief:

1. It is the WATER in my new place that causes my hair loss

 Unless one is bathing in heavily contaminated water, sewerage or water with high content of mercury, there is no scientific evidence to show how hard or soft water contributes to the occurrence of hair loss. However, this remain as one of the most common belief amongst people suffering hair loss to grow back again.

It is also a big folly to believe that the hair loss is a “temporary” event due to the water, and that if the water quality was restored then all the hairs will start

2. Using hair growth shampoo

The function of shampoo is to clean the dirt and grime from the hair. Shampoo works by creating a hydrophobic (doesn’t like water) coat at the scalp level to bind with the oil and dirt on the surface. Once it has separated the oils from the skin, it has a second hydrophilic surface (loves water) which will bind with the shower water to carry the bound oil and dirt away from the skin.

Hence, any so called “hair growth” compounds and ingredients that are contained within a shampoo would essentially have NO EFFECT upon the scalp and hair.

3. Wait and see

Like anything that happens out of the blue, most of us like to take a “wait & see” attitude. That if we wait a little while longer, perhaps the problem may just disappear or the condition would heal itself.

Unfortunately, the majority of people with hair loss do not have the luxury of spontaneous total recovery. Most would progress to worsening of total density, while a smaller group would have stabilised hair loss, which is no further hair loss but the density has not improved either.

Hair follicles are very delicate structures, whereby once they have closed out or retired there is no return of its hair growing ability. Hence early diagnosis and targeted treatment are key essence to successful hair restoration.

Next Steps

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